Nest(ing) Tip // Waterlogue Watercolor App

I usually try to accentuate my strengths.  For instance, I make a mean strawberry pie, I can turn an excellent cartwheel and I'm a skilled wine drinker.

No! That's not me...

No! That's not me...

But I can admit, I may have some weaknesses.  For one, I am horrible at painting.  Really horrible.  Like two defiant teenagers, my hands will just not listen to what my brain is telling them to do.  They give me a shrug and a "mmm hmmm" and then go ahead and draw a squiggly line instead of a straight, or a really short horse instead of a dog.


My dad was a great artist.  He could sketch and paint with watercolors, he could also carry a tune and whistle like a whippoorwill.  None of those skills did he pass on to me.


The Waterlogue app has changed all that!  Well, I still can't carry a tune or whistle all that well, but I CAN paint a pretty great watercolor painting.  For $2.99 - I know, pretty steep but I think it's worth it ;-) - you can take any picture and turn it into a watercolor.

snow day





With all the options available to play with, you can turn even a mediocre picture of moss and wood chips into a realistic painting or abstract art.

waterlogue screen
waterlogue screen

As good as my Dad's?  Nope.  But, a masterpiece for those of us who have temperamental hands!

Now I can focus my efforts on learning to whistle.  Hopefully my lips are more cooperative...

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