Translated Interiors...

Have you ever wished you could live in your favorite outfit?  I mean literally?! You know the outfit I'm talking about, it's the one that fits really comfortably and just makes you feel like a slightly hipper, sophisticated, sassier version of yourself.  Well, what if every time you walked in to your home you felt that way too?

Many designers will tell you that if you're unsure of what your home décor style is, simply look in your closet.  Often the style that we put on our bodies is indicative of what we would be most comfortable living in as well.  But how do clothes translate to furniture and does that really work?!  Well....let's give it a shot!

from the Antropologie blog - casual but chic

from the Antropologie blog - casual but chic

Casual is definitely my style, but casual AND chic, not so easy to pull off...  Somehow, when I wear my ripped jeans and an un-tucked shirt, it fails to read chic.  Frumpy would be the more applicable word. Is it because I wear sneakers not sassy metallic shoes? A sweatshirt not chevron?  Or is it my lack of jewelry and touch of fur?

What I love about this outfit is how it looks comfortable and fun, yet pulled together.  The lows of the ripped jeans and un-tucked shirt are elevated by the elegance of the jewelry, metallic accents and fur. 

This is also a challenge in our homes, how do we make it comfortable and casual without getting frumpy? 

eDesign from Nest
  • The two toned navy couch is reminiscent of fading jeans
  • The striped dhurrie rug keeps it casual while introducing a pop of red
  • Metalic accent tables, mirrors and a chandelier bring in some sparkle. The round shapes and mix of metals are inspired by her accessories 
  • A mix of patterns - stripes in the curtains and rug and chevron on the pillow - are necessary to keep things interesting. 
  • A touch of black always grounds a mix of colors and this leather chair is comfy yet refined. 
  • The eclectic mix of pillows and baskets keeps the room from taking itself too seriously and are always useful to introduce more color. 
  • And of course a touch of fur is both comfortable and elegant - and who doesn't want that?!? 

    Design is all about collaboration so, let me know what you think!  Was this a success?  Sort of?  I may even comment myself :-)