Sweater Stool DIY

sweater stool via nest

My poor decrepit footstool, you have seen better days. 

You have faithfully served as a rocking chair for an 8 year old boy, even though you were not designed to rock.

You have endured being chewed by Lola the bunny, even though you were not meant to be a chew toy.

And you have been dragged from one room to the next, from one corner to the other, even though you would have preferred a permanent home.

Well today is your spa day... a little pampering, some paint and a cozy new sweater and you'll be refreshed and ready for a new decade!


Wooden footstool
Old sweater (As I had none I was willing to sacrifice, I found mine at Goodwill)
Staple gun with 1/4" staples

sweater stool diy


  1. Unscrew and remove padded top*


    2.  Lightly sand and paint stool       
    3.  Pull sweater over padded top
    4.  Pull tight and staple on the bottom
    5.  Trim sweater


   6.  Once paint has dried, screw padded top back on

***If your stool is just a wood topped stool, you make your own padded top by wrapping batting over the top and stapling to the bottom.  Then cut the sweater larger than the stool top, pull tight over batting and staple at bottom.***

sweater stool via nest

Although your history has not been forgotten and your scars have not been completely erased, you must admit that facelift sure looks good on you!

sweater stool via nest