eDesign // Rose Colored... Living Room

We all love those calm and neutral rooms that invite us to relax and stay awhile, they're like that friend who offers you a cup of tea and tells you it's all going to be ok.  But if you're like me, you also need that friend that looks at life through rose colored glasses.  You know... the one who is flirty, a little bit kooky, makes you smile and always gets along with everyone?  This rose colored living room is just like that friend, the perfect dose of fun.  It'll liven up any home without being overpowering.  Trust me, you'll be glad you brought her to the party and you won't have to worry about her doing a table dance with a lampshade on her head!

  • The walls are a neutral cream with a gold chevron accent wall that adds some oomph. 
  • The pale sea salt ceiling brings in color without being overpowering and ties in the artwork and chair color.
  • The gold accent pieces act as jewelry for the room and the mix of patterns provides visual interest


Artwork - www.etsy.com/shop/yellena
Eiffel leather chair in Mineral - www.crateandbarrel.com
Hexagon side table - www.urbanoutfitters.com
Granada pendant - www.lampsplus.com  

Did  you know that Nest can custom design your room too?! Regardless of  where you live, you can get a design specific to your room and needs.  It comes  complete with detailed instructions of where to shop, what to get and  where to put it! For more information go to my What is eDesign page.

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