Owl String Art DIY

Owl String Art via Nest

Do you remember the 70's? 

String art and macramé.  Holly Hobbie pajamas and the Bee Gees on vinyl.  All at the same time.

No?!?  Err, me neither.... 

For those that did experience string art the first time around, this project will bring back fond memories of moderately tacky yet cozy homes filled with shag rug, avocado appliances and, of course, string art.  

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, this modernized version will feel fun and fresh and you'll get a taste of what it was like in the good ol' days...


Owl String Art via Nest

I first saw string art popping up again at A Beautiful Mess'   blog where they did a skull string art project for Halloween and also at Design Curiosities where their string art was a feather (which I'm totally going to do - someday soon). 


Since my beloved owl cookie jar was recently demolished by her royal highness Hazel the basset hound, I have owls on the brain.  Thusly, I introduce the Owl String Art DIY!


  • Plywood cut to size (mine is 16"x23") 
  • Paint for wood (I chose a gold - to give my owl a little glam) 
  • Owl sketch or template (mine is a Martha Stewart template- thanks Martha!) 
  • Small nails (I used linoleum tacks to go with my gold background) 
  • String, thin yarn or jewelry hemp

Paint plywood backing and tape template to you the plywood.  I altered Martha's owl a bit by adding simpler wings and larger eyes. 


Hammer the nails along the outline of your image being careful not to let them poke through the back.  My nails are approx. 3/4" apart.  Also note it is important to put a nail at any transitional points where you are going to want the string to change directions. 

It's here that I must apologize for going into a craft coma here and forgetting to take more progress pictures, so do your best to follow along...

Start with the body and outline it - but not the wings yet - with the yarn you chose for the body (mine is a Peaches and Cream yarn that has a peach/cream/taupe color gradation).  Then starting with the head start crisscrossing from nail to nail.  Don't be too linear!  I had to break out of my perfection box and really concentrate on not just crossing from nail to nail.  From the head move down to the body and tail, leaving the wings and eyes open.  Outline one more time with the yarn and tie off.


Next choose a different color for the wings.  I initially went with jewelry hemp but decided it was too close to the gold background, so instead of starting over I just layered over the jewelry hemp with cream yarn and I think it gave it some cool depth...  Continue to do each wing the same way as the body - outline, fill in, outline, tie off.

Finally, outline the eyes with the wing color and proudly display! 

Owl String Art via Nest