eDesign // Clutter Corral (a.k.a. Mudroom)

School has begun for just about all of those little kiddies by now.  We, in the south, started about a month ago, but now the rest of the country is finally coming around. And what does the start of school mean?? Backpacks and lunchboxes and sweatshirts and CLUTTER and CHAOS...gulp.  So I thought a little organization inspiration would be appropriate in this clutter-free mudroom eDesign.  

For the record, I DO NOT have a lovely, serene mudroom such as this, our clutter is pseudo-contained in a passage hall that can become quite treacherous at times.  So whether you don't have a mudroom at all, or have one that isn't quite as orderly as this one, we can all exhale a united, wishful...sigh...


Olivia storage = www.potterybarn.com 
Industrial hook = www.etsy.com/shop/urbanwoodandsteel
Hektar pendant = www.ikea.com

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