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Lyrics courtesy of The Avett Brothers

Lyrics courtesy of The Avett Brothers

Have you ever waited until the last minute to come up with a gift?  Ever been given a gift and had to use the "it's not wrapped yet" excuse while you scrambled for something?

Me neither....

But just in case, if for the first time EVER, this has happened to you...don't panic! This project is quick, easy and will leave you looking like a Valentine's Day gift giving rock star.


  • Pick lyrics that are personal to the two of you
  • In a program such as Word or on a website such as Picmonkey write your lyrics using different fonts, sizes and/or colors
  • For best results print on a specialty paper such as scrapbook or resume paper.  Don't be afraid to get creative in a time crunch, mine happens to be printed on brown postal wrap...
  • Mat and frame.  If you're really in a pinch, do what I did, and take a pic out of a frame you're already using and replace it!
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This doesn't just have to be a romantic Valentine's gift... 

What about your best friend from college and that Tom Petty song you always cranked up in the dorm room?  What about that Neil Diamond song your Mom always made you listen to in the car?


Thank goodness you've never waited until the last gifting minute.... but maybe you should file this idea away, JUST IN CASE.