Love Notes to My Children - For Valentines Day and Beyond

I originally posted this last year but it still resonates this Valentine's week.  I'm writing my notes, are you?


As a mom I know that it is my job to protect and guide and, above all else, love my children.

Well let me tell you, I am an excellent “guide”.  I never hesitate to counsel them about things they might not be doing correctly.  Every. Moment. Of the. Day.  I am exceptional at advising how they might do something a little, or a lot, better.

I'm sure they know I love them, I tell them that every day.  But do they know I love them because they're awesome, not just because I have to?  Why is it that I can so often be so specific about the things that I don’t like, the moment I don’t like them, and yet in those millions of moments they make my heart smile I remain silent?

Maybe it’s because I’m afraid they’ll think I’m corny, like they do when I cry while watching The Voice.  Maybe I'm afraid they'll just stare at me in fear that I have, for sure, lost my mind this time.  Maybe I’m afraid they’ll think I’ve had a severe head injury.

But I know that they need to hear all of the things I love about them, much more than all of the things that I feel may need improvement.  So I resolve to tell them one way or another.

For this Valentine’s week and beyond, I will write my children love notes.  I will let them know every little thing that I think is wonderful and loveable and perfect about them. 

Because I know they have more perfections than flaws and it is my job to make sure they know.

Oh, and prepare yourself hubby… because this goes for you too! And no, I haven’t been hit in the head….



To make Valentines love notes of your own

  1. Grab yourself some cute paper and a pen
  2. Write from the heart