Lace Plate DIY

lace plate diy

This ain't your Grandmother's china!

Truly.  These plates are from the dollar store....

But I do love how the lace gives a nod to good ol' Granny, while still managing to make these plates feel fresh and modern.

If you want to learn how to make these for next to nothing, read on....



White plates from your local dollar store (Dollar Tree is where I found mine)
Martha Stewart lace stencils (Michaels)
Glass paint in colors of choice (mine is Martha Stewart Arrowhead gloss and Gold metallic)
Masking tape
Foam brushes

Helpful Hints

  • The flatter your dishes are, the easier they are to stencil....keep that in mind when purchasing
  • Taping the stencil is really important to keep it from slipping around - TRUST ME
  • Don't worry if you have some imperfect areas.  It is really easy to "clean up" edges of the paint with toothpicks and cotton swabs


(Couldn't be simpler!)

  1. Choose from a variety of stencils and decide how you want your patterns to look. 
  2. Paint with the glass paint colors of your choice
  3. Use toothpicks and cotton swabs to clean any "oopsies"
  4. Let cure* and enjoy!

*For curing directions click here.  Since I am way too uber impatient to wait the 21 days for them to air cure, I opted for the bake method!

** FYI - The paint directions say they are top rack dishwasher safe and non-toxic, but thanks to some helpful info from a reader, the paint is not food safe.  So please keep in mind these are best used for display only.