eDesign // Geek Chic Guys Room

I mean that in the best possible way...truly!  Today's eDesign was designed for a boy who knows the essentials of life: Star Wars, comic books, video games and music, of course!  I know quite a few kiddos who would appreciate this design - and a few husbands too -  because, let's face it, there's a little Sheldon Cooper in all of us!

  • The desk is a great space for homework or (who are we kidding!) an excellent video game/media stand
  • The Imperial Forces wallpaper makes a subtle statement when applied to the wall behind the bed
  • The vintage road sign is a nice pop of color and will work great as a magnetic board
  • Mixed tape pillowcases, comic bookshelves and a robot coin bank are few fun accessories


Did  you know that Nest can custom design your room too?! Regardless of where you live, you can get a design specific to your room and needs.  It comes complete with detailed instructions of where to shop, what to get and  where to put it! For more information go to my What is eDesign page.

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