Fun, Flirty Powder Room eDesign

Flirty Powder Room

These days everyone loves a textured neutral palette - myself included.  I love the calming effect walking into a neutral room has on me, and apparently I need that.  But, every once in awhile I crave a pop of color.  I even envy those people who have those bright, fun homes and LOVE to design them, but for me, I need my color in small doses. So, on that note...

Today's eDesign feature is a fun, flirty powder room designed to scratch that "I need some color" itch without changing the look of your whole home.

I love the vintage feel and mix of colors the wallpaper adds to the room and because a powder room is small it's the perfect place to add some wallpaper and keep the cost to a minimum.  To soften the colors in the wallpaper I used a gray vanity - gotta get my neutral in somewhere!  Accessories such as flower sconces and owl wall hooks keep the room light and fun.


Savoy vanity -
Ogden mirror -
Peony Wallpaper -

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