eDesign//Contemporary Classic Kitchen

Contemporary Classic Kitchen eDesign via nest

This eDesign is designed for a client that has exceptional taste, class and charm....ME! ;-)

This design is for the me who has won the lottery.  This is for the me who has a HUMONGOUS kitchen.   You know, one of those kitchens big enough to comfortably house 15 people milling around, one of those kitchens with enough storage in the space that one whole wall can be free of upper cabinets.   

Since we all know the kitchen is where EVERYONE seems to linger, I've designed this one to look more like a living room than a jumble of cabinets and stainless steel.  The style is undeniably classic but with a modern, eclectic twist.  Just the type of space I want to linger in....come join me!

Contemporary Classic Kitchen eDesign via Nest
  1. All perimeter cabinets are in this classic Midnight Blue topped with walnut butcher block
  2. The island cabinetry is a warm walnut topped with Carrera marble
  3. The backsplash is a herringbone pattern Carrera marble
  4. Although this kitchen would work well with nickel or bronze hardware, I chose the brass because of it's classic nature, and also because I love how it warms up the space and makes it feel less utilitarian. This custom made brass hood is a beautiful focal point that helps set the tone.
  5. Two, possibly three brass pendants hang over the large island
  6. These gourgeous retro modern stools are a bit unexpected and serve as functional art.
  7. My ridiculously expensive La Cornue range may never get used to it's full potential, but man does it look great in this kitchen!
  8. Flanking either side my custom brass hood is library sconce task lighting hung above open walnut shelves with delicate brass brackets.  These shelves will not hold dishware (I'm not a good enough housekeeper for that), but an eclectic mix of treasures and paintings**

Kinda makes you wanna come over and hang out for awhile doesn't it?!  Well come on over!  Maybe you can teach me how to use that range... ;-)

**Want to see how to make watercolor paintings from your own pictures?  Click here.