Cupid's Arrows DIY

hanging cupids arrows

I certainly don't mean to be a LOVE Scrooge.  I don't have a problem with hearts in general, but around Valentines Day they seem to be a bit overdone. 

A couple here and there, cute, but one heart too many and your house starts to look like a teenage girl's Trapper Keeper.

All of the other holidays are fairly adept at diversifying their symbols - Santa, reindeer, trees, turkeys, leaves, bunnies, eggs, chicks - except for Valentines Day.

So this year I'm taking a stand.   This year it's Cupid's arrows for me!  And of course, just a few hearts....


(all except hand saw can be purchased at art supply store)

wood dowels
various acrylic paints in your color of choice
glitter tape
hot glue gun
small paint brushes
small hand saw to cut dowels in half

arrow supplies



Voila! Hang on your Valentines tree, attach to gifts, hang in your windows....  What will you use them for?

cupids arrows
hanging arrows branch