Creepify your photo gallery


So you think your family tree has some sketchy characters?!?  Well, you should see mine....

One of the Halloween decor ideas I'm loving this season are vintage photos that are altered to look, well, creepy.  In this case I've been thinking more is better - a whole gallery of ghoulish family ancestors would be a perfect Halloween display.  But my family is loving and beautiful and perfect, obviously, with no monstrosities to be found.  So what's an angel like me to do?  Make them myself of course!!

Have you ever tried Pic Monkey?  No?!?  WELL...
Pic Monkey is a free photo editing site that has tons of amazing options to alter your photos in a million different ways.  From teeth whitening and fun photo filters to cool graphics and photo collages - you must try it out. And NO they are not paying me to say this....sigh...

Since the idea of turning images of my own family and ancestors into demons and ghouls made me a little squirmy, I decided to pull some from the internet. My sincerest apologies if any of you know these people. :-)



I started out silly,


then graduated to ghoulish,






and finished with some phantoms...



Some of these features are only available when you become a member, but Pic Monkey is still oozing (get it?!) with free options. And BEWARE, once you start you can't stop!

Here are only a few of my before and afters... 


Once you're done... gather some frames (mine are from Goodwill), paint if necessary and arrange your new fiendish family in a garish grouping. 

Merry Monster-izing!!