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Favorite Finds // Urban Outfitters

I know you're thinking....Urban Outfitters?!? 

But Beth, you're not 23 yrs old, with the body frame of a gazelle and an insatiable taste for "vintage" 80's clothes... 

And you'd be right.  Between you and me, I've already worn my fair share of 80's clothes.... IN THE 80's.

But despite all this, I am an admirer of most things Urban Outfitters, particularly their home decor. It's one of my staples for quirky home accents and furniture and a great source for the conversation piece that is a must for every room.

Perfect for the young at heart and it's one size fits all!

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Commit to calm and cozy

I will sit on my comfortable couch and snuggle with my furry pets and my slightly less furry children and I will not feel guilty for not “DOING”.

I will allow my home to be my sanctuary, not my slave driver. 

I will commit myself to cozy and calm, but I WILL NOT add it to my to-do list!



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