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Cabin Fever

Does anyone else have cabin fever?  Not the I can't stand this and gotta get out of here kind of cabin fever, but the I'm up for anything as long as it involves sitting on the couch kind of cabin fever.  Are you with me?!?

This eDesign is the perfect room to while away those winter hours.  Bright and clean to liven up those dreary days, yet so cozy you'll never have the urge to get off the couch!

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eDesign // Rose Colored... Living Room

We all love those calm and neutral rooms that invite us to relax and stay awhile, they're like that friend who offers you a cup of tea and tells you it's all going to be ok.  But if you're like me, you also need that friend that looks at life through rose colored glasses.  You know... the one who is flirty, a little bit kooky, makes you smile and always gets along with everyone?  This rose colored living room is just like that friend, the perfect dose of fun. 

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