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Lace Plate DIY

This ain't your Grandmother's china!

Truly.  These plates are from the dollar store....

But I do love how the lace gives a nod to good ol' Granny, while still managing to make these plates feel fresh and modern.

If you want to learn how to make these for next to nothing, read on....

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Let There Be Light

The other day my husband doubted me.  I know, right?! The nerve.  Actually he had been doubting me for months...

Don't worry, it wasn't the dramatic, marriage ending sort of doubt.  Just the maybe if I ignore her she'll stop making that stupid suggestion sort of doubt.

We both agreed that we needed to install a sconce in the kitchen above the table.  We agreed that it needed to happen soon because the Ikea clip lamp just wasn't cutting it.  We also agreed that the lights we loved weren't quite in the budget for now. 



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Owl String Art DIY

Do you remember the 70's? 

String art and macramé.  Holly Hobbie pajamas and the Bee Gees on vinyl.  All at the same time.

No?!?  Err, me neither.... 

For those that did experience string art the first time around, this project will bring back fond memories of moderately tacky yet cozy homes filled with shag rug, avocado appliances and, of course, string art.  

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, this modernized version will feel fun and fresh and you'll get a taste of what it was like in the good ol' days...

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