Bring on Spring!

Mantel via Nest

I stood puzzling and puzzling: "How could this be so"?
Spring doesn't come from the market, you know. 

maple bud via Nest

Spring doesn’t grow from a cold concrete floor
at the edge of the deli, just a few steps from the door

3 for 10 via Nest

Spring doesn't come stacked on a crate and stuck with sale stickers,
it doesn’t come without sprouts of green grass, muck and prickers

Daisy via Nest

It doesn't come without trees buds and dandelion fuzz,

bradford pear via Nest

except for those times,
 those times that IT DOES.

Mantel via Nest

***Please forgive for the lame Suessified poem.  It's been floating around in my head like a bad song, so I thought I'd pass it along!***


As simple as can be!  Buy yourself some flowers at your local grocery or home improvement store and keep those spirits up!  Spring is on it's way!

Besides, Al Roker has promised... "by July it'll be warmer"!  And so, there's that.

If you want to give your terra cotta pots a spring boost like I did....