An Honest Heart

Leather Valentine via Nest Home Interiors

Valentine's day, for my hubby and I,  has never meant the token flowers and florally-phrased love poems.  Instead, we tend to use this day to honestly express what we love most about our relationship...

  • Snuggling on the couch with a bottle of wine and an episode of Sleepy Hollow (or two)
  • Those telepathic eye rolls we give each other when everyone but us is so annoying ;-)
  • The fact that the best part of the day, every day, is when we're together

So this Valentine's gift for my man tells him exactly how I feel without all the frills

...simply put, I love US


  • leather scrap (Michaels)
  • wood scrap booking letters (mine are Jim Holtz Idealogy Letterpress from Michaels)
  • scrap wood and paint stick (I used pallet wood)
  • carpet tacks
  • industrial glue
  • heart shape to trace
leather heart diy via nest home interiors



  1. Trace your heart object on the back of the leather and cut with fabric scissors
  2. Depending on the size of the heart (mine was only about 6"x6"), measure and cut your wood so that  when joined together you will have a wood square bigger than the heart
  3. I used a halved paint stick as cross pieces to join my wood planks together.  I glued together at first and later nailed some carpet tacks in for extra insurance.
  4. Glue leather the heart to front of your wood mount, then nail in carpet tacks around the perimeter of the heart for decoration.  (No matter how hard you try the tacks will NOT nail in perfectly, so just rejoice in the industrial imperfection) 
  5. Choose what you want your heart to say and glue on wood letters
leather valentine via nest home interiors