Journey from Crib to Coat Rack

Apparently I’ve become the Humane Society for abandoned and mistreated home goods.  It seems that when people find disregarded “junk” they come to me to resurrect it…and rightly so.  It’s a fact that there are very few “found” pieces that I can turn away.  I guess it’s just my big heart OR my slightly obsessive DIY gene.  So when I was asked if I wanted this cast off piece of crib before it went in the dumpster, my answer was an obvious “YUP”!

dirty collage.jpg

This is how this poor crib was found...neglected, abused, and sad. I decided a new life as a coat rack would be just what it needed.

cleaned collage.jpg

After a bit of scrubbing, she shined up fairly well.  I had planned on keeping the aged patina, because anyone who knows me knows I like "distressed", but there was still something much more shabby than chic about this little crib side.  It still just looked sort of, well, depressed.  And if anything should be happy, I should think it would be a crib!  So I decided a pop of color was the way to go... 

I painted the outer edge a bright blue and put a fresh coat of cream on the interior, then sanded in parts to "re-distress". 


The bright World Market hooks really add some fun and the addition of some strategically placed cup hooks provide great spots for hats and scarves.   And of course, a mirror, for those last minute teeth and hair checks before leaving the house.  I KNOW I'm not the only one...


Phew!  Another stray rescued!  Cleaned up, loved on and now off to a new home...