Put your feet up and stay awhile

I always assumed that when I got older and more sophisticated certain things would all of a sudden become easy and innate.  Things like standing up straight, hosting a last minute dinner party for 8, saying no to that one last cookie and sitting with both feet planted gracefully on the floor. 

Well I have gotten older, but I’m still dutifully working on sophisticated.  I have mastered none of those things that I listed, but least of all the sitting with my feet on the floor.  I have discovered that when my tush comes in contact with a cushion it is IMPERATIVE that one, if not both feet be off the floor: tucked up or under, criss-cross applesauce or up on the coffee table. It seems that this is one of the many things my husband and I have in common, and it also seems that our little apples do not fall far from the tree.


Consequently, “distressed” is our finish of choice for the furniture in our house.  Our drum trunk coffee table is an excellent example.  It is sturdy (it was built to transport drums after all), has wheels (ideal for rolling out of the way when vacuuming) and came with its many dings and scratches built in (great for putting your feet up).

"Perfect!" you say?  Almost my friends.  A trunk that is tough as nails but also soft on the heels...now that's perfect!


  • Plywood (cut to fit)
  • Batting
  • Fabric of choice
  • Staple gun

So now when my spontaneous dinner party of 8 (or, even better, my clan of 3) would like to relax with their after dinner cookie, they can without-a-doubt put their feet up and stay awhile!