Twinkly Rag Garland

How many of you are already decorating for Christmas?!  NOT ME.

I still don't quite have a handle on Thanksgiving, thank you very much!

But thanks to my Twinkly Rag Garland that I leave up all year 'round, I'm feeling quite festive and even a little ahead of the game...

So in case you missed it the first time, I am re-posting this blog that I originally shared with you in May.  This way you'll be ahead of the game next November!

No, it’s not just because I’m lazy that I like to keep my Christmas lights up all year’s because they’re so cheery and twinkly and they make me smile.

Every year as the holiday season winds to a close, I am usually quite ready to pack away the Santas, the wreaths, the mistletoe, the reindeer and every ornament my children have made since nursery school. But taking down the lights has always made me a bit sad.

Until one year, I just didn’t.

Why should twinkle lights be stereotyped?  Why only at Christmas and on the occasional back porch?  Who said they shouldn’t twinkle all year long?

Now, in my house they do… 


Here’s a super-duper-easy, although-a-bit-time-consuming, Rag Garland DIY to dress up all those naked strings of light!

You'll need

Scrap fabric
A string of white decorative lights (craft stores usually carry them all year)


  1. Cut all your fabric into strips approx. .5"x7"
  2. Start tying strips to your lights (I have 3 strips in between each bulb)


and keep tying nd keep tying and keep tying....

until there is no more left to tie.  Finished!

Christmas lights all year long!

....a bit radical some may say, but I say, if you’re gonna change the world you gotta shake it up sometimes!    So, twinkle on my friends…


And for those of you who are ready for a twinkle revolution, but a bit short on time, you can purchase these already made.


P.S.  It's been said before, but I'll say it again -  never leave your twinkle lights on when not attended. Thanks!