Reclaiming A Home


Since we first used reclaimed wood walls in our most recent new build we have had MANY requests for something similar.  The wood we used at 1817 Braeburn was pulled out of a house that we were tearing down and that was almost gone... So my quest for more reclaimed wood began.

Enter Pamela.  I found Pamela on Craigslist and her reclaimed tongue and groove heart pine caught my eye, but as is often the case there is much more to her story than simply some old wood in the price range that I was looking for.

Originally posted on my blog for Drum Homes...

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An Honest Heart

Leather Valentine via Nest Home Interiors

Valentine's day, for my hubby and I,  has never meant the token flowers and florally-phrased love poems.  Instead, we tend to use this day to honestly express what we love most about our relationship...

  • Snuggling on the couch with a bottle of wine and an episode of Sleepy Hollow (or two)
  • Those telepathic eye rolls we give each other when everyone but us is so annoying ;-)
  • The fact that the best part of the day, every day, is when we're together

So this Valentine's gift for my man tells him exactly how I feel without all the frills

...simply put, I love US


  • leather scrap (Michaels)
  • wood scrap booking letters (mine are Jim Holtz Idealogy Letterpress from Michaels)
  • scrap wood and paint stick (I used pallet wood)
  • carpet tacks
  • industrial glue
  • heart shape to trace
leather heart diy via nest home interiors



  1. Trace your heart object on the back of the leather and cut with fabric scissors
  2. Depending on the size of the heart (mine was only about 6"x6"), measure and cut your wood so that  when joined together you will have a wood square bigger than the heart
  3. I used a halved paint stick as cross pieces to join my wood planks together.  I glued together at first and later nailed some carpet tacks in for extra insurance.
  4. Glue leather the heart to front of your wood mount, then nail in carpet tacks around the perimeter of the heart for decoration.  (No matter how hard you try the tacks will NOT nail in perfectly, so just rejoice in the industrial imperfection) 
  5. Choose what you want your heart to say and glue on wood letters
leather valentine via nest home interiors

Love Notes to My Children - For Valentines Day and Beyond

I originally posted this last year but it still resonates this Valentine's week.  I'm writing my notes, are you?


As a mom I know that it is my job to protect and guide and, above all else, love my children.

Well let me tell you, I am an excellent “guide”.  I never hesitate to counsel them about things they might not be doing correctly.  Every. Moment. Of the. Day.  I am exceptional at advising how they might do something a little, or a lot, better.

I'm sure they know I love them, I tell them that every day.  But do they know I love them because they're awesome, not just because I have to?  Why is it that I can so often be so specific about the things that I don’t like, the moment I don’t like them, and yet in those millions of moments they make my heart smile I remain silent?

Maybe it’s because I’m afraid they’ll think I’m corny, like they do when I cry while watching The Voice.  Maybe I'm afraid they'll just stare at me in fear that I have, for sure, lost my mind this time.  Maybe I’m afraid they’ll think I’ve had a severe head injury.

But I know that they need to hear all of the things I love about them, much more than all of the things that I feel may need improvement.  So I resolve to tell them one way or another.

For this Valentine’s week and beyond, I will write my children love notes.  I will let them know every little thing that I think is wonderful and loveable and perfect about them. 

Because I know they have more perfections than flaws and it is my job to make sure they know.

Oh, and prepare yourself hubby… because this goes for you too! And no, I haven’t been hit in the head….



To make Valentines love notes of your own

  1. Grab yourself some cute paper and a pen
  2. Write from the heart

Got Sink?

Well we didn't.

Searching for the perfect sink for one of our properties, or someone else's, often becomes one of the greatest design challenges.  Either I know what I want, but the Budget Master (aka Nate) won't grant me his approval, or the I'm just plain bored with what's out there.

Such was the case with one of the properties we recently built.  I wanted a wow factor sink for the downstairs powder room, but everything that said "wow" to me translated to "whoa" when I saw to the price tag.  So I decided to take matters into our own DIY hands and find a piece of furniture that we could turn into the sink that couldn't be found.

To see the rest of this story I wrote for Drum Homes...

custom sink by Drum Homes

Go With the Glow

glimmer cloche

If you've read my Twinkly Rag Garland post, you already know that I love to keep the glimmer of the holidays all year long.  

This year while flipping through the Restoration Hardware holiday catalog I couldn't help but notice this particularly sparkly use for a glass cloche...  

restoration hardware hack

As luck would have it I had recently purchased a couple of cloches on sale at Michael's to convert into lamps, but this Restoration Hardware hack was much too easy to ignore.  So I went with the glow and made this SUPER SIMPLE glimmer light cloche.


  • Cloche found at Michaels
  • 1 inch dolls heads to be used as feet
  • glimmer strings/firefly lights (I got mine at Pier 1) 

HINT - get more light length than you think you need.  I assumed my 5 ft string would be more than enough, but I definitely have room for a lot more glimmer!

cloche supplies


  • Stain 4 dolls heads to match
  • Glue to bottom
  • Flip over and fill glass with glimmer string
  • Finished! 

Since I found all my supplies on sale, this entire project cost less than $20!

glimmer cloche

Hunger Games inspired arrows

Hunger Games inspired arrows

In honor of the release of Mockingjay on Friday I was inspired to repost this arrow DIY.  Rumor has it, we'll see Effie Trinket a lot more in the movie than in the book.  

Forget Katniss...these arrows are the perfect accessory for Effie as she glides into battle!


(all except hand saw can be purchased at art supply store)


wood dowels
various acrylic paints in your color of choice
glitter tape
hot glue gun
small paint brushes
small hand saw to cut dowels in half



arrow diy

Enjoy! And...


Hunger Games inspired arrows

Gratitude Banner

Gratitude Banner via Nest

When asked that inevitable question at the Thanksgiving table every year, “what are you thankful for?” I always freeze.  What’s the one perfect answer?  What if I answer incorrectly? So. Much. Pressure.

Family? True, of course, but corny.

Health? Unoriginal.

Food and this well-deserved glass of wine? Both obvious and a bit shallow.

I’m the type of person that needs to mull things over.  I like to be able to add thoughts, subtract thoughts, amend my previous statements…  

The truth is there is NO WAY I could come up with just one answer. 

I am blessed and thankful not for one meal, one person, or one moment, but because of the many moments that make up a blessed life.  And shouldn’t we all be grateful for the bigs and the smalls?  What we have, and often, what we don’t have?

This gratitude banner is my way of avoiding that awkward moment at the Thanksgiving table and of encouraging my family to be grateful at their leisure - often and honestly.


Fabric (I used muslin)
Pinking Shears
Spray paint (I used gold)
Letter stencils
Postal tags
Scrapbook paper of choice (optional)
Yarn, string or twine



Start by cutting your fabric with pinking shears to approximately 8"x10".  If you want to get really kooky cut the bottom corners like I did.

Place letter stencils 2" from bottom and centered on fabric and spray with paint.


Fold over top of rope or thick twine and hot glue. Your simple banner is made, but we're not done yet!

Gratitude Banner via Nest

I found a 6x6 pad of scrapbook paper with patterns I liked, and cut tags to size for a pop of color .  I also mixed in some plain postal tags for variety.

Gratitude Banner via Nest

Add some string, yarn or twine (cut to 10") to your tags and invite family and friends to share the things they're thankful for.... no pressure!

Gratitude Banner via Nest

Glamour Skulls DIY

Unless you live completely off the grid, there's a good chance you've been on Facebook and Pinterest and Instagram, and aren't we all so glamorous in that world?! Our children are beautiful and brilliant, we are all crafty and hip and spend our free time apple picking and playing guitar, sometimes simultaneously.

But here's my reality folks... I am sitting at the computer in my stinky workout clothes trying to figure out how not to bore you to death - in need of a shower, a haircut, groceries and a clean house and only an hour in which to do all this before my (beautiful and brilliant) son gets home. 

And what do I realize!?  My "before" pic of all the supplies that I actually remembered to take I, of course, deleted and it is nowhere to be found.

So I hope you'll forgive me, and I'm sure that you will, if this post is incomplete and you have to use your imagination a bit.  Because no matter how hard we try, most of our lives are not glamorous - at least not most of the time.  

So cheers to those instances of glamour, those vignettes of time that we post on social media, because nobody's perfect...but we all have our moments....



Paper Mache skulls from Michaels (Look like bottom skull before decoupage)
Glamorous/fall tissue paper (open for interpretation)
Modge Podge (I used gloss)
Foam brushes


Tear tissue paper into palm size or smaller pieces and decoupage the heck out of them! I chose to leave some without tissue paper, but did gloss them up with the Modge Podge.

Now go check out my FB page and Pinterest and Instagram  and look at how captivating I am- thanks to my skulls of course!  At least something around here is eternally glamorous....

Creepify your photo gallery


So you think your family tree has some sketchy characters?!?  Well, you should see mine....

One of the Halloween decor ideas I'm loving this season are vintage photos that are altered to look, well, creepy.  In this case I've been thinking more is better - a whole gallery of ghoulish family ancestors would be a perfect Halloween display.  But my family is loving and beautiful and perfect, obviously, with no monstrosities to be found.  So what's an angel like me to do?  Make them myself of course!!

Have you ever tried Pic Monkey?  No?!?  WELL...
Pic Monkey is a free photo editing site that has tons of amazing options to alter your photos in a million different ways.  From teeth whitening and fun photo filters to cool graphics and photo collages - you must try it out. And NO they are not paying me to say this....sigh...

Since the idea of turning images of my own family and ancestors into demons and ghouls made me a little squirmy, I decided to pull some from the internet. My sincerest apologies if any of you know these people. :-)



I started out silly,


then graduated to ghoulish,






and finished with some phantoms...



Some of these features are only available when you become a member, but Pic Monkey is still oozing (get it?!) with free options. And BEWARE, once you start you can't stop!

Here are only a few of my before and afters... 


Once you're done... gather some frames (mine are from Goodwill), paint if necessary and arrange your new fiendish family in a garish grouping. 

Merry Monster-izing!! 

Graveyard Wreath

In this day and age, recycling is a no-brainer...even when it comes to blog posts! Here's a classic originally posted this time last year.

graveyard wreath

When my kids were younger, like most kids, they scored pretty low on the fright-fortitude-meter. So....Halloween meant dressing up like Dora and Blues Clues, putting out some pumpkins and spiders with googly eyes and steering clear of any costume that wasn't G rated. 

This year, now that they are officially pre-teens, we are pushing the horror envelope at our house. 


Bring it on!



...mostly because I'm still a bit of a wuss...shh!! 



(all found at Michaels or hobby store)

Vine wreath
Skeleton parts (I used hands)
Spiders (if your brave enough)
Any other creepy things you can find



Bring on Spring!

Mantel via Nest

I stood puzzling and puzzling: "How could this be so"?
Spring doesn't come from the market, you know. 

maple bud via Nest

Spring doesn’t grow from a cold concrete floor
at the edge of the deli, just a few steps from the door

3 for 10 via Nest

Spring doesn't come stacked on a crate and stuck with sale stickers,
it doesn’t come without sprouts of green grass, muck and prickers

Daisy via Nest

It doesn't come without trees buds and dandelion fuzz,

bradford pear via Nest

except for those times,
 those times that IT DOES.

Mantel via Nest

***Please forgive for the lame Suessified poem.  It's been floating around in my head like a bad song, so I thought I'd pass it along!***


As simple as can be!  Buy yourself some flowers at your local grocery or home improvement store and keep those spirits up!  Spring is on it's way!

Besides, Al Roker has promised... "by July it'll be warmer"!  And so, there's that.

If you want to give your terra cotta pots a spring boost like I did....

eDesign Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to Wilma Galvin!  You're Nest's eDesign Giveaway Winner!


Here at Nest we are so 2014...NOT!

We pop popcorn on the stove, we read from books with actual paper pages and
we pick winners out of a hat...


Congratulations Wilma!  I can't wait to see what room we get to transform in your Nest!

Faux Deer Head DIY

papier mache deer head via nest

Hunting?  I'm not opposed to it, but spending long, cold, early hours out in the woods, that's not really my style.

If it is your style though, click the pic.  White Faux Taxidermy has some fun stuff!

If it is your style though, click the pic.  White Faux Taxidermy has some fun stuff!




Spending $90 on one of those, oh-so-of-the-moment resin deer heads?

I'm not opposed to it, but that's not really my style either.




So when I accidentally stumbled upon this papier mache deer head in Michaels I knew my hunting days were over before I even realized they had begun!

Don't pay any attention to that frame in the background the reason for that shall be revealed at a later date... ;-)

Don't pay any attention to that frame in the background the reason for that shall be revealed at a later date... ;-)

The steps are so simple...

  1. Paint head - not antlers - white and let dry.  I used a latex semi gloss that I had in my garage, but craft paint would work too.  The finish of the paint won't matter because you will then...
  2. Paint over the white paint with a pearl metallic paint (I used Rust-o-leum Pearl Mist spray paint)  This gives it that glossy resin look.
  3. Finally, paint the antlers with gold paint.  I used a brush and craft paint so that I could be more precise
deer head crop.jpg

Stay tuned to see how my deer likes to accessorize!

You could also decoupage newspaper to replicate this RH Baby and Child version

You could also decoupage newspaper to replicate this RH Baby and Child version

Or use fabric scraps to replicate this repurposed sari version from White Faux Taxidermy

Or use fabric scraps to replicate this repurposed sari version from White Faux Taxidermy

Nest eDesign Giveaway!!

Need to update your decor and don't want to pay a decorators hourly rate? We design it and you do the shopping!

Regardless of where you live, you can get a design specific to your room and needs. It comes complete with detailed instructions of where to shop, what to get and where to put it!

Now you can WIN a free room eDesign of your choice!

Just like Nest's Facebook page and share the post to enter!

  • What is eDesign and how does it work? Click here
  • Want to see some sample eDesigns? Click here
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Winner will receive a full eDesign of their choice and the eDesign will be featured on the blog!

eDesign//Contemporary Classic Kitchen

Contemporary Classic Kitchen eDesign via nest

This eDesign is designed for a client that has exceptional taste, class and charm....ME! ;-)

This design is for the me who has won the lottery.  This is for the me who has a HUMONGOUS kitchen.   You know, one of those kitchens big enough to comfortably house 15 people milling around, one of those kitchens with enough storage in the space that one whole wall can be free of upper cabinets.   

Since we all know the kitchen is where EVERYONE seems to linger, I've designed this one to look more like a living room than a jumble of cabinets and stainless steel.  The style is undeniably classic but with a modern, eclectic twist.  Just the type of space I want to linger in....come join me!

Contemporary Classic Kitchen eDesign via Nest
  1. All perimeter cabinets are in this classic Midnight Blue topped with walnut butcher block
  2. The island cabinetry is a warm walnut topped with Carrera marble
  3. The backsplash is a herringbone pattern Carrera marble
  4. Although this kitchen would work well with nickel or bronze hardware, I chose the brass because of it's classic nature, and also because I love how it warms up the space and makes it feel less utilitarian. This custom made brass hood is a beautiful focal point that helps set the tone.
  5. Two, possibly three brass pendants hang over the large island
  6. These gourgeous retro modern stools are a bit unexpected and serve as functional art.
  7. My ridiculously expensive La Cornue range may never get used to it's full potential, but man does it look great in this kitchen!
  8. Flanking either side my custom brass hood is library sconce task lighting hung above open walnut shelves with delicate brass brackets.  These shelves will not hold dishware (I'm not a good enough housekeeper for that), but an eclectic mix of treasures and paintings**

Kinda makes you wanna come over and hang out for awhile doesn't it?!  Well come on over!  Maybe you can teach me how to use that range... ;-)

**Want to see how to make watercolor paintings from your own pictures?  Click here.

Nest(ing) Tip // Waterlogue Watercolor App

I usually try to accentuate my strengths.  For instance, I make a mean strawberry pie, I can turn an excellent cartwheel and I'm a skilled wine drinker.

No! That's not me...

No! That's not me...

But I can admit, I may have some weaknesses.  For one, I am horrible at painting.  Really horrible.  Like two defiant teenagers, my hands will just not listen to what my brain is telling them to do.  They give me a shrug and a "mmm hmmm" and then go ahead and draw a squiggly line instead of a straight, or a really short horse instead of a dog.


My dad was a great artist.  He could sketch and paint with watercolors, he could also carry a tune and whistle like a whippoorwill.  None of those skills did he pass on to me.


The Waterlogue app has changed all that!  Well, I still can't carry a tune or whistle all that well, but I CAN paint a pretty great watercolor painting.  For $2.99 - I know, pretty steep but I think it's worth it ;-) - you can take any picture and turn it into a watercolor.

snow day





With all the options available to play with, you can turn even a mediocre picture of moss and wood chips into a realistic painting or abstract art.

waterlogue screen
waterlogue screen

As good as my Dad's?  Nope.  But, a masterpiece for those of us who have temperamental hands!

Now I can focus my efforts on learning to whistle.  Hopefully my lips are more cooperative...

To see how Thistlewood Farms used Waterlogue to make a painting of her house in the snow, click here.

Or how Cuckoo 4 Design made some great paintings of her little girl for a gallery wall, click here.

Sweater Stool DIY

sweater stool via nest

My poor decrepit footstool, you have seen better days. 

You have faithfully served as a rocking chair for an 8 year old boy, even though you were not designed to rock.

You have endured being chewed by Lola the bunny, even though you were not meant to be a chew toy.

And you have been dragged from one room to the next, from one corner to the other, even though you would have preferred a permanent home.

Well today is your spa day... a little pampering, some paint and a cozy new sweater and you'll be refreshed and ready for a new decade!


Wooden footstool
Old sweater (As I had none I was willing to sacrifice, I found mine at Goodwill)
Staple gun with 1/4" staples

sweater stool diy


  1. Unscrew and remove padded top*


    2.  Lightly sand and paint stool       
    3.  Pull sweater over padded top
    4.  Pull tight and staple on the bottom
    5.  Trim sweater


   6.  Once paint has dried, screw padded top back on

***If your stool is just a wood topped stool, you make your own padded top by wrapping batting over the top and stapling to the bottom.  Then cut the sweater larger than the stool top, pull tight over batting and staple at bottom.***

sweater stool via nest

Although your history has not been forgotten and your scars have not been completely erased, you must admit that facelift sure looks good on you!

sweater stool via nest

Favorite Finds // Urban Outfitters

I know you're thinking....Urban Outfitters?!? 

But Beth, you're not 23 yrs old, with the body frame of a gazelle and an insatiable taste for "vintage" 80's clothes... 

And you'd be right.  Between you and me, I've already worn my fair share of 80's clothes.... IN THE 80's.

But despite all this, I am an admirer of most things Urban Outfitters, particularly their home decor. It's one of my staples for quirky home accents and furniture and a great source for the conversation piece that is a must for every room.

Perfect for the young at heart and it's one size fits all!